Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend in review--working hard

   Ok so the title to this post is a little misleading.  I didn't work hard this weekend, Adam did.  Was there really any question...I didn't think so.  Starting on Friday we left the house early to pick up some gravel, and drop it off at his aunt's house before going to his mom's to work some more on the floors.  He worked all day on the bathrooms.  I got to escape sitting watching him work all day.  I left to hang out with my mom.  We did a little shopping and had lunch together.  It was nice to spend some time with her.  I even got to see my dad for a bit after he came home from work, and before he went hunting.
   That's right in these here parts it's deer hunting season.  Well it's been hunting season for a while but there is a different season for different guns.  It starts with bow season, and at this point they are into shotgun season.  He's already got one doe, and hoping to get one more.  I know there's a lot of people who don't see the need for hunting but where we grew up there is a need.  First of all if there were no hunters the deer population would get severely out of hand.  Believe me even with the amount of hunters we have there have been times when they've upped the amount of deer a person can get because the deer population grew so fast.  And in my family we grew up on deer meat.  That might be weird to some people, but my dad would get a couple of deer every year and we lived off them all year long.  Believe me it's really not that different from ground beef.  Well that's my little plug for hunting :)  I don't do it, but I was always grateful my dad did, because he literally put food on the table.

  Saturday was an entire day of Tae Kwon Do events for Adam.  Class, Tests, and a Self Defense class too.  I spent the day alone catching up on old movies, like 101 Dalmatians.  Then Sunday morning it was back to Adam's mom's house to work on the bathrooms some more.  Adam worked all day, and I spent the day crocheting some more granny squares.  The squares are to make myself a afghan I saw online, I'll share it when I finally finish it.

Here are the squares I have done so far.

Then my parent's had us over for dinner.  My dad had been hog hunting in Oklahoma earlier this year and they had bbq-ed one of the hogs he got for dinner.  It was truly wonderful, both my parent's are great cooks.  Mom even made an apple pie for dessert.  They like to spoil us when we come over.    

Want to know why I love Adam?  No it's not because of his unending devotion to his family.  Well I do love him for that too, but there's more.  It's because when I showed him the super cute new Christmas decoration I bought, he looked at it and said, "that's neat".  That's a big deal considering it took him eight years to stop fighting the incoming Christmas decorations and embrace it.  I was expecting an eye roll with some exasperated comment about how I have too many decorations.

Isn't it cute! 
I'll share a pic when I finally put it up, I think it'll end up on the mantle.
I got it at TJ favorite store for deals.

And the best part of the entire weekend was the first snow.  Almost all day on Saturday we had our first snow fall.  It was absolutely the perfect snow.  It was big and fluffy and there was very little wind so all the snow stayed in the trees, and is just beautiful.  I'm sure Adam is sick of hearing me talk about the snow, because all the way to his mom's house on Sunday I kept exclaiming over and over how beautiful the snow was.  I forgot to get a pic of our backyard to show you, but I'll make sure to get one after the next snow.

Now it's time to get prepped for Thanksgiving.  Hope you all have a great Holiday week.

God Bless-

Friday, November 13, 2015

Growing up is fun

  Hey kids, so you want to grow up?  Can't wait to get out of your parent's house?  Don't do it it's a trap!  Really do you think there is ever going to be another time when someone makes every meal for you, washes your clothes, and makes sure you get enough sleep at night?  Nope!  You're going to spend most of your life looking out for yourself, so revel in the few years you get in someone else's house living under their roof with their rules.

  Ok so what brought on this romantic view of childhood?  I'll tell you what...Adulthood.  Since we've been married (8 years) we've moved 3 times, been to countless weddings and funerals, bought a house, bought all new carpet and paint for new house, bought 1 car, 2 trucks, and 4 motorcycles, we've bought a dog, bought new appliances for the kitchen, and bought a furnace.  Buying stuff when you're an adult is expensive and rarely fun.  So to add to that list, we bought a new washer and dryer.  :)  I know I sound like I'm complaining, and I kind of am, but for the most part being an adult is fun.  I can have ice cream anytime I want.  But man when things break, it is not fun buying new ones.  At least it wasn't as expensive as the furnace...that was truly awful.

  To back track a little our washer has been dying..we knew it was going to go out any day.  And while we were waiting for it to die...our dryer died.  Adam tried valiantly to fix it...3 times...and after having multiple fights about the lack of dryer we finally decided on getting new ones.  Ok want to know something about us...we love getting a deal.  The washer and dryer we currently have are not a matching set, and no we didn't get them brand new.  I really have no idea how old either of them are, but I can tell you my washer was a Lady Kenmore (hahahahaha.  I'm pretty sure they can't say that anymore).  The year before Adam and I got married, he rented out a house next to his grandfather.  His grandfather was a great man, and did a lot for the people he loved...including us.  He knew Adam need a washer/dryer so he went to his weekly auction and when he saw some he bought them for him.  He didn't know if they worked or not, but his grandfather could fix anything.  So he fixed them up and we've been using them for 9 years now.  Would you like to know the kicker...they cost $11 each.  That's right we've been using old refurbished appliances that cost a total of $22.

   So now it was to us to get a good deal.  We've been having the washer dryer discussion for awhile and we were talking about those fancy new front loaders that come in all sorts of colors.  We were trying to decide between gray or blue.  Oh they were going to be so pretty.  It was all good until I started to look at the prices.  The fancy popular ones are kind of expensive.  So we had a talk about it and decided there wasn't enough difference to make the price tag worth it.  So we did what a lot of modern people do and looked at tons of reviews and then ended up buying the cheapest washer and dryer we could.  Here's are new beauties.  We got them both for the price that one of those fancy new front loading washers cost.

Sorry it's hard to get a good picture in the narrow room.
That's the Whirlpool Model #: WTW5000DW and the Whirlpool Model #: WED49STBW.

   They aren't a fancy color, and they're not both front loading.  But I didn't have to mortgage my future for them.  Now excuse me...I have a ridiculous amount of laundry to get to...who would think two people could wear so many clothes.  First world problems, am I right?

God Bless-

Monday, October 26, 2015

Brickworld Weekend

It was a fantastic Lego weekend.  I love Legos.  I loved them as a kid, and I love them as an adult.  And this weekend I learned that I love Lego people.  Fort Wayne had a Lego convention; Brickworld.  This isn't the first time it's been in Fort Wayne, but it's the first time Adam and I attended, and I'm sure it will be a tradition from now on.  So prepare for a photo onslaught, don't worry I won't show you all of them.

This is the first thing Adam saw.
The Brave Little toaster.

This piece made everyone laugh.
Lego people...we have a sense of humor.

So at Brickworld there are lots of displays like this one.
What I love most is that there are always funny little scenes to be the following.

street sweeper!

Stop Lights! How freakin sweet.

In another display we saw these awesome tubers going over a waterfall.

Adam's favorite part of Brickworld were the robots.
Here the kids could use a remote control to scoop up some Legos.

A little something for me...Loki!
...Tom Hiddleston....swoon!

The whole world!
And to add in that Lego sense of humor that's Deadpool hanging from the words.

A more serious display, a realistic skyline of Chicago. 

To make my city proud I have to add the display of the Fort!

Here's an example of the crazy amount of detail that some people put into their displays.
It was really amazing to look at.

One more pic just for me.
T.A.R.D.I.S. and Eleven.

Another example of the sense of humor shown in most displays.
Find Chewbaca at the Bait and Tackle store.
Buzz and friends around the campfire.

It took me a minute...but that's the village people on top.
Including Woody (Toy Story) and Emmett (Lego Movie). Ha!

So this display isn't completely Lego, but seriously Sharknado!
I love it.

This particular ship was 26 feet long.  It's an exact replica of an actual ship.
The detail is stunning!

Yes I could have shared more pictures. :)  One more part of Brickworld that we didn't get pictures for you was the merchandise.  There were two walls of Legos.  You could buy almost any mini figurine, and several tables had build your own figurine opportunities.  All in all it was a fun afternoon.  And I'm sure you'll be seeing us there next year.

God Bless-